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The Good, The Bad and The SEO Expert

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As times go by, the world has gradually, and evidently, become technologically inclined. More and more businesses are discovering the convenience of establishing a website for efficient business marketing. With that, search engine optimization emerged – a practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results. 

Search engines have a crawler that scours the Internet for every information and content available. An index is created once the crawlers deliver those 1s and 0s back to the search engine that will be fed through an algorithm to match all the data with a query.  

Along with the inception of this industry come different types of SEO for every kind of work. With a few clicks of a button, and a sufficient supply of caffeine, SEO companies are able to upgrade a website’s status, be it through valid schemes or otherwise. 

White hat SEO

White hat SEO techniques adhere to Google Webmaster Guidelines which makes it an excellent choice to use for your website since it optimizes your SEO ranking without breaking any rule. This SEO tool is focused on creating quality content, improving HTML, advertising on social media, and making your site user-friendly. 

Most SEO and content marketing companies prefer white SEO because it takes less risk to use and makes quality results that last in the long run. 

Black hat SEO

The term ‘black hat’ was coined from Hollywood movies where it is used to refer to the bad guys. In the tech world, it’s used to name network hackers, virus authors, and those who conduct unethical actions with computers. With that being said, there is not a lot of explanation necessary to narrate what black hat SEO entails.  

Black hat SEO techniques increase a website’s search engine result page ranking through denounced and banned practices. These SEO techniques are strongly discouraged by the likes of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and Bing Webmaster Guidelines. 

Some of the frowned-upon SEO tactics are cloaking, link schemes, keyword stuffing and article spinning. 

Gray hat SEO

As the name suggests, the gray hat SEO falls in the area between white hat and black hat SEO. Some of the techniques under gray hat SEO include clickbait articles, spun content, link exchanges and paid reviews. These practices are potent in maximizing the site’s visibility in the search results and aren’t necessarily written off by Google. However, gray hat SEO techniques are not necessarily the best option to take if you want your site to grow. 

Negative SEO

Building fake links to a rival’s site, posting cynical reviews and hacking websites to modify content are some of the destructive SEO tactics employed on a competitor’s site. 

Negative SEO techniques are comprised of schemes, from both black and white hat, aimed directly to damage other sites’ reputation for the benefit of one’s own business. A person practicing negative SEO is likely to get legal charges if caught. 

On-page SEO

On-page SEO focuses intently and solely on a website’s process of cultivating a positive performance. Keyword optimization is a SEO technique that falls under the category of on-page development wherein the page’s rate of visibility and garnering leads and revenue depends on the business related keywords strategically scattered throughout the content. 

Another on-page SEO method is URL optimization wherein experts help you create a more comprehensive and logical link structure to ensure that users won’t have a hard time remembering your site. 

Off-page SEO

Completely contrasting the previous one, off-page SEO refers to all the techniques you apply outside of your site to feature higher up in Google’s SERPs. Upon learning about off-page SEO tools you will realize that neglecting external factors is a huge mistake since they also help in building your site’s reputation.  

Social media sharing is the biggest, and probably the most well-known off-page SEO tack. 

Technical SEO

Smoothening out the technical aspects of your site is as important as presenting interesting and compelling content, technical SEO takes care of all of that.  

Technical SEO works by help crawlers scan content successfully, interpret and index all the pages of your site for future use. This can be done by creating a thorough XML sitemap, making your site mobile-friendly and adding structured data.  

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