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IGNORING online marketing is like opening a business but not TELLING ANYONE.

At Keyforge SEO, we can make a solution to boost your online presence. We’ve been in the business for more than a decade, and our experience, capabilities, and drive can give you results-oriented goals.

Search Engine Optimization


Search Engine Optimization or SEO is more significant than just words on a page; it is the rudimental part of digital marketing. With people conducting trillions of searches every year in social media and search engines, SEO is one of those things that you can understand very easily. A business owner can do it himself. Yet, there are so many figures and information out there, and it is kind of intricate work that requires so much time and expertise in executing to get great results.

With that, we are more than grateful to take the hassle out of you and be stress-free in every technical stuff being done on your website. We are worthy of your trust because we’ve been doing this work since 2008 and experience unending thanks as we pleased a lot of our clients. Be delighted with your success with Keyforge Digital Marketing.



Data Driven



Your company’s website is your face value in the Internet world.

The triumph of your online business always starts with a great website. It is your face value in the internet world. Always bear in mind that a great website is more than just an attractive graphics; it is your credibility. It can help you in bringing in new customers, selling new products, improve your current client relations and many more possibilities that your online business needs to achieve. The way your site is well-presented, organized and structured, determines if a visitor will fill out your form or contact you.

Website Design




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ABOUT Keyforge

Keyforge is your reliable digital business companion. We are based in the Philippines, and with more than a decade in the service and industry, we can assure you high-quality support in enhancing your web sites and online businesses through search engine optimization. Passion and excellence is our driving force in developing, creating, and strategizing ideas that will make your rank on top.

Our company is filled with passionate, hardworking, cheerful and creative all-Filipino professionals who are willing to take an extra mile and do what it takes to help your company. With this, we can assure that your projects are handled carefully with diligence, and even better than your local provider. And since we started, we catered different companies across the globe as well.

Our ten years of experience in creative and digital marketing makes us a perfect and trustworthy partner for you. We don’t just create websites and help enhance brands; at Keyforge, we value relationships. We continue to grow along with our clients and customers and marvel ourselves on doing great work for great people. From the Philippines to the United States, Australia and other countries, companies outsourced their SEO needs to Keyforge, and they were delighted.

Why Hire Us for Your Digital Marketing Needs

If you are looking for someone who can help you rank your business website on the first page of Google, you are in the right place. Having your website on the top spot of Google’s organic result can boost the visitors to your website, and that means, more revenue.

We take pride in what we have done for the past years. We got more than 20 recommendations given to us by sure and real business owners on our LinkedIn profile, and we are being rated 4.9 stars on our Google My Business page. All of these achievements are because of several projects such as web designs and search engine optimization campaigns we completed.

Everything we do for our client is customized according to your needs and standards. It is the main reason why you won’t see any pricing packages here on our leading site. We strongly believe that every client has various wants and needs, and what we offer is a unique blueprint that gives way to achieve the best results in your business. 

Most of our clients come to us and in need of SEO services. Honestly, we believe that this is our asset in the Internet Marketing field. And since you are here, we can say that this is also for you. With the assistance of our Search Engine Optimization service, you’ll be at the top of your potential clients, and you’ll see how your business and sales grow.

We can help you uncover your top-ranking pages and migrate them into your new sites. Then, we’ll guide you in editing to make sure that they’ll continue ranking after your new site goes live and kicking. And we can help you with writing too. 

Since our workforce is in the Philippines, the cost of living is all probably lower compared to your location, that is why we will surely get a discount upon availing our services and projects. Hiring us is a more cost-effective SEO solution than your other options.  

LinkedIn Recommendations

I cant be happier with all that he has done, the website is amazing & in a short amount of time he has helped my business grow.I highly recommended.
nick recommendations
Nick Nolen
Director at Mobile Audio Concepts
William's an opportunity seeker and delivers results for not just the client but all parties involved. Great to work with you William and no doubt we will do it again.
shane recommendations
Shane Pollard
Chief Technology Officer
His ability to understand and teach the ins and outs of ranking in Google is a real benefit for anyone looking to increase traffic to their business.
tylor recommendations
Tylor Bennett
Search Engine Consultant
Within the time William has been working on bringing our company leads we have seen a dramatic increase in Sales. William has also redesigned our website which has also generated many more leads.
Sophie recommendations
Sophie ICleanUK
We started working with William and his team at Keyforge.net a few months ago and we've already been seeing positive growth in the organic traffic volume and first page rankings on Google
Oliver recommendations
Oliver Oliveros
PR and Marketing
William comes with my highest recommendations. He is always looking for new ideas to assist his clients. I admire him for his creative work and his willingness to "give first."
Christopher recommendations
Christopher Benson
Agency Owner at iFuze Marketing
William Torres


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