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Hire us for your next project or campaign, you will find Keyforge a more cost-effective SEO solution than your other options.

About KeyForge

Our workforce is from the Philippines, and we are proud to say that we are an all-Filipino team composed of hard-working, cheerful, and committed individuals. In this, you can be sure that your projects are managed with much diligence and passion for getting desired results that are comparable or even better than your local provider.

We have worked with satisfied clients from Australia, the UK, the US, and other parts of the world to date. Since in the Philippines, the cost of living is most probably lower than your location, you will surely get a discount availing our service. However, this doesn’t sacrifice quality because our foreign clients’ experiences sharpened our training and expertise.

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Every business is looking for ways to save money on their marketing and SEO. Unfortunately, most of the time they end up with a cheap option that falls short.

We have been in your shoes before, we know how it feels when you make a bad decision about outsourcing your SEO work or hiring an agency. We want to change that! That’s why we created Keyforge. A better way to do things!

Our team has years of experience in this field and offers top-quality services at affordable prices. You will get what you pay for without having to sacrifice quality for cost savings! Contact us today and let us help grow your business!

LinkedIn Recommendations

I cant be happier with all that he has done, the website is amazing & in a short amount of time he has helped my business grow.I highly recommended.
nick recommendations
Nick Nolen
Director at Mobile Audio Concepts
William's an opportunity seeker and delivers results for not just the client but all parties involved. Great to work with you William and no doubt we will do it again.
shane recommendations
Shane Pollard
Chief Technology Officer
His ability to understand and teach the ins and outs of ranking in Google is a real benefit for anyone looking to increase traffic to their business.
tylor recommendations
Tylor Bennett
Search Engine Consultant
Within the time William has been working on bringing our company leads we have seen a dramatic increase in Sales. William has also redesigned our website which has also generated many more leads.
Sophie recommendations
Sophie ICleanUK
We started working with William and his team at a few months ago and we've already been seeing positive growth in the organic traffic volume and first page rankings on Google
Oliver recommendations
Oliver Oliveros
PR and Marketing
William comes with my highest recommendations. He is always looking for new ideas to assist his clients. I admire him for his creative work and his willingness to "give first."
Christopher recommendations
Christopher Benson
Agency Owner at iFuze Marketing

Google My Business Result

After five months of GMB optimization. Dominating Melbourne with a buyer keyword.



High Volume Keywords for one of our Clients from UK

William Torres


We like helping businesses to succeed but we only work with a limited amount of clients at any given time. If you fill up our Connection Form, we will create a FREE audit and SEO Blueprint for your site.