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You are proud of yourself because of your new website. You spend so much time and energy to put up a worthy website for your company. And most importantly, you paid so much to make this happen. But after six months, you are very frustrated because almost no one is visiting your site. Let us take that hassle in your mind so you could focus on doing your business.

Search Engine Optimization is one way to improve your digital footprint in Google search engine. If potential customers can't find your website on Google, they are finding your competition.


The first page of Google captures 71% of search traffic clicks and has been reported to be as high as 92% in recent years.


High Volume Keywords for one of our Clients from UK

SEO Company Philippines for UK company
Keyword Research - SEO Strategy


Half of the battle knows the questions that people often ask. Then, the other half is all about answering them.

Every successful SEO campaign begins with keyword research . The target keywords can determine how many leads you might get from the campaign. At the same time, the target keywords can decide how tight the competition will be. Knowing the perfect target keywords for a campaign is already winning half of the battle. Here in Keyforge Digital Marketing, we believe that keyword research is crucial for every campaign. It is the foundation of all the SEO strategy that we implement for our clients.

DOMINATE the competition

Always with a fact. And backed up by data to prove it.

We understand that SEO is a race. There are only three companies in its Google Maps Result for any given keyword on Google search, and there are only ten listings in the organic search results. Furthermore, usually, only the top three gets the most clicks from search results. Because of this, you need someone who can analyze your competition’s website and business practices with an SEO perspective.

Dominate SEO 2
Google friendly website

GOOGLE-friendly website architecture.

The utmost and ultimate user experience.

We are not only an SEO Company. We also create websites for our clients. We know how to make a website appealing, and we know what kind of website Google likes. Take those two qualities and what you got from Keyforge Digital Marketing is a team of dedicated people who can help you get more visitors and clients from your website.

Relevant contents.

Writing, reading, and editing matters.

Google always preached to put up good content . The word for an SEO campaign is relevancy. Since we had our keyword research, putting up a relevant content according to our target keyword is also crucial for the campaign’s success. However, this is not only about putting up specific content. We also need to check the words or elements that top-ranking search results had in their pages. Since they are already ranking high on Google, it makes sense to believe that what they have in their pages are something that Google also wants to find in our pages.
Content is King in SEO
Technical SEO techniques

Technical SEO

It's the nuts and bolts that grasp your site together.

Do you know that the Google representative reading your website and deciding if you will rank on its search results is not human? Or course, you know that. How can Google sort out to organize trillions of pages on the Internet for its search results? It’s Google Bot. Or, maybe, RankBrain. Panda? Penguin? Do you know Bert? Who knows? Simply, they are machines, computer, codes, etc.

Because of the above complexities, our SEO experts optimise plenty of technical aspects for you. You don’t need to know all the different kind of animals or names related to Google algorithm because we got these for you. We have the knowledge and experience for more than a decade in SEO.

why hire experts of keyforge seo philippines

For more than ten years, Keyforge Digital Marketing serviced small businesses from different parts of the world. In the beginning, we are only doing SEO for our own sites. But when the so-called Google Panda hit, plenty of small businesses don’t know what to do and how to improve their online presence. Since we got our first small-business client, our SEO services reached companies that are not even here in the Philippines. We have clients from US, AU, and UK.

We always believe that any website can take a position on the first page of Google with the right strategy. Yes, we are an SEO company from the Philippines, but we could rank websites wherever is their target geo-location. For example, if a client is located in the UK, their website will rank high on keywords they target when someone in the UK searches for that particular target keyword. In short, we can do SEO for you wherever you are. We have taken client’s websites with no online presence to the first page of Google for many different keywords in many different occasions. Of course, this depends if our client has these two things: budget and patience.

Please note that our team are all Filipinos and Keyforge SEO Experts are all based on the Philippines. It is why we can say that we are more cost-effective than your local SEO provider if you are from the United States, Australia, or United Kingdom (by the way, we have worked with clients from these three countries with much success). Because the cost of living in the Philippines is much less than in other countries, we can offer SEO services with discounts compared to your local SEO experts’ fee. Notwithstanding, be assured that our SEO knowledge and training are on par with anyone else.

By the way, with us, there is no need for 6 or 12 month contracts. We do month to month commitments.

It is common knowledge in SEO circles that there are more than 200 SEO factors in Google algorithm. There are around 400 website elements that we can consider in relation to Search Engine Optimization in our experience. Because of this, we believe that a cookie-cut approach in handling an SEO campaign is like boxing in the air. Whenever we take a new SEO client, we do the necessary audit and research to create a customized blueprint for the campaign. In this way, we will be able to identify what to prioritize in an SEO campaign that will give the client and us the easy win and move from there.

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His ability to understand and teach the ins and outs of ranking in Google is a real benefit for anyone looking to increase traffic to their business.
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William Torres


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