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Internet Marketing is now increasingly common, also supported by the development and growth of startups and the level of internet penetration in World society, which continues to increase every year. So that many businesses have chosen to spend marketing funds via digital, because of the broad reach but right on target. Therefore, employment as a digital marketer in the future also has attractive career prospects. But the digital world always changes with the flow of times. Therefore, businesspeople and marketers must always be up-to-date on Internet Marketing trends. Know the current trends that are most appropriate to apply to their business models.

You are certainly aware that at present, every online platform, YouTube,, and even Instagram, has video features to be enjoyed, and some even use video content as the main focus. Why do you think? Based on data from Proceed, found some interesting facts about the level of user penetration of the brand through video content. It can be seen that video content is in high demand by internet users, and it is far more effective to introduce a product or brand; besides that, production costs will also be cheaper.

Whether or not this technology has slowly been applied in several fields, and most likely, the field of Internet Marketing will also begin to adopt artificial intelligence to facilitate data processing or response duration further. This is supported by data from the Forrester’s Global State of Artificial Intelligence Online Survey, which shows 57 percent of companies use AI to improve customer service and experience. The results were amazing; AI was able to increase customer service and product sales by 44 percent. Therefore, many companies consider the Artificial Intelligence trend because it can save company expenses.

The word Omnichannel itself is still unfamiliar to most people, omnichannel marketing; in other words, it is a cross channel promotion model. Where this is often used to increase the convenience and comfort of consumers online or offline, for example, a consumer visits your website and buys a product, but for some reason, the consumer cannot make a payment transaction. Fortunately, your business offers COD (cash on delivery) services as well as delivering products. But the challenge in this video marketing itself is how you, as a businessman or marketer, execute it.

Chatbots are hitting it big in Online Marketing. An AI technology that answers many queries from different businesses. It is a real-time messaging, not needing human customer support. Chatbots answer basic to complicated technical support questions. Chatbots are accessible 24-hours a day, not requiring overtime pay, demand vacation leave, and longer break times. An interesting study found out that customers prefer talking to chatbots than real humans because they respond faster, more accurate, and never lose patience. It’s no wonder this 2020, 80% of businesses are using chatbots or want to have one.

If you execute well and present unique concepts and creativity, users who are reached by your content will certainly know your brand and even better-doing actions like share or purchase.

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