A great website must aim two things: attract a visitor and urge that visitor to take action. Those success components are measured in two numbers: the traffic and conversion rates.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) revolves in improving that first number. It is all about maximizing a particular site's traffic by enhancing the page rank within search engines.


The first page of Google captures 71% of search traffic clicks and has been reported to be as high as 92% in recent years.


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Keyword Research - SEO Strategy


Half of the battle knows the questions that people often ask. Then, the other half is all about answering them.

We ensure that each of our projects begins with an extensive analysis of relevant key phrases and topics that your content should select. We’ll help you recognize why those phrases are essential yet straightforward tasks you can take to win them. 

Keyphrase research is the focal point of every website, and Keyforge can build it for you.

DOMINATE the competition

Always with a fact. And backed up by data to prove it.

We’ll do a thorough competitive analysis to determine the phrases used by your competition. Afterward, we’ll compare that to the typical questions that people are asking. And finally, we will recommend a strategy for securing that your visitors fetch up visiting your site instead of your competition.

Dominate the search results
Google friendly website

GOOGLE-friendly website architecture.

The utmost and ultimate user experience.

Our SEO Company is known for building sites that rank. We make it possible by creating inherent sitemaps that best solve top topics before directing guests through your areas. 

Then, we set up visual paths that lead visitors through appropriate and supporting pages. The main goal is to simplify the navigation and elevate relevant content.

Relavant contents.

Writing, reading, and editing matters.

Our skilled web strategy team will exhibit your top-ranking pages and guide you in migrating them to your new sites. Eventually, we’ll edit them to ensure they will continue to rank after your new site goes live. 

And for all the things and needs for your new content that needs to be developed, we can help write that too. 

Content is King in SEO
Technical SEO techniques

Technical SEO

It's the nuts and bolts that grasp your site together.

SEO is more and more generous than words on a page. It also adds the structure of data on your site.

Does your site use mark up so that search engines like Google can understand it and demonstrate better search results? What about your robots.txt and sitemap.xml files?

Everything from how your URLs are structured and how fast your pages’ load is part of Search Engine Optimization. 


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